Did Covid Kill Lean Relaunching your Lean Initiative in 2021

Lean Construction Ireland Webinar
Title: Did Covid Kill Lean? – Relaunching your Lean Initiative in 2021
Presented By: Dan Fauchier from The ReAlignment Group of California & Construction Accelerator(R)
Presented By: Andy Fulton from Construction Accelerator(R)
When: 4.00pm, 23rd February 2021.

Lean initiatives have suffered during Covid: staff layoffs, reductions in training budgets, the need to reestablish supply chains and project interruptions. A vibrant Lean culture can help us be better post-Covid, but how?
Explore new options to build a ground-up Lean culture by creating short repeatable opportunities for key staff and leadership to take the helm and reinvent together. This can be the critical element of your 2021 initiatives.


Presentation Slides Click Here

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