LCi Purpose

LCi is a community of learning and practice that advocates for the transformation of the Irish construction sector through the adoption of Lean thinking and practices by the entire sector to enable and sustain enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Community Support

The LCi Corporate Member base includes organisations of all scales and sizes from across the Irish construction sector, and encompasses Clients & Owners, Contractors and their Associated Supply Chain, Suppliers, Professional Service Providers, Higher Education Institutions, and Lean Service Providers who are all committed to the transformation of the Irish construction sector through the adoption of Lean thinking and practices and integration with Digitalisation and Sustainability.

The management and administration of LCi is provided by a Board of Directors, Strategic Advisor, and support administrators from within the community. All involved provide their time on a voluntary basis to enable and sustain the ethos and mission of our open, inclusive, and representative community of learning and practice.

The ongoing support of Corporate Members is critical to our shared community of learning and practice and directly enables the continuing provision of its freely available and high-value-add Website, Webinars, and Annual Book of Cases.

In addition to providing critical support that is integral to enabling the shared LCi community of learning and practice, Corporate Members will:

Be recognised nationally and internationally as advocates for Lean Construction thinking and practices.

Have their logo featured on the website Homepage as well as in the Corporate Members section.

Have their organisation profile and logo feature in a “Members Spotlight” post on the homepage.

Receive an LCi Corporate Membership Certificate.

Be able to display the LCi Logo on their own website and related marketing and promotion materials.

Be able to vote at the LCi Annual General Meeting (AGM) as well as nominate individuals for election to the LCi Board.

Receive one free delegate ticket to the LCi Annual Conference during their membership period (Gold & Silver & Bronze).

Receive a 25% discount on all LCi Annual Conference tickets during their membership period (Gold, Silver, Bronze).


Annual membership runs from the time of registration for a period of 12 months, and Corporate Membership is offered at three levels. 

If you would like to speak to someone about Corporate Membership, please email [email protected]

For your convenience, we can offer you two options to complete your Corporate Membership.


Complete the form below selecting your chosen level and an invoice will be generated for your LCi Corporate Membership and mailed to you directly.