May 30th: Build Digital


Robert Moore – Project Lead – Build Digital Project


Angelyn Rowan – Director – Lean Construction Ireland
Robert will reflect on the work completed by Build Digital in Year 1 and the work Build Digital’s five pillars have done preparing reports and inventories on the current state of play nationally and internationally. Pillar 1 Digital Leadership & Cultural Change has investigated International Digital Adoption Best Practices and has put forward Learnings for Ireland. Pillar 2 Digital Standards has done an extensive review of current supports for the industry and has prepared a Standards, Guidelines and Templates Inventory. Pillar 3 Digital Education & Training have researched all courses available in Ireland online or in-person that provide digital content on their Digital Education and Training Inventory. Pillar 4 Digital Procurement has undertaken a review of other jurisdictions that have started their Information Management/BIM journey in its International Information Management Review. Pillar 5 Sustainability & Circular Economy has completed a review with DASBE of synergies between built environment digitalisation, sustainability, climate action, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and circular economy publications to produce the Sustainability Horizon scan. All these reports and Inventories will be published to the industry in late June and July. Finally, Robert will remind the industry to look out for the Annual Survey Year 1 Results and the Year 2 Questionnaire that will be launched in July.