Lean Construction Ireland (LCi) is a community of learning and practice that advocates for the transformation of the Irish construction sector through the adoption of Lean thinking and practices by the entire sector to enable and sustain enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders in the value chain.

A core LCi principle is that the open exchange of knowledge, information, and experiences around good Lean practices is a fundamental factor in the sector’s adoption of Lean and its transformation journey.

So, it is with great pleasure that Lean Construction Ireland launches the third publication of its Annual Book of Cases –the key Lean Construction reference publication for the Irish construction sector, from Clients and Owners to Professional Services Providers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants, and Academia.

The Book provides real-world, practical, and accessible examples of Irish Construction sector organisations implementing Lean thinking and practices. Each case provides the context for the Lean initiative; details the Lean thinking, tools, and techniques applied on the initiative; and describes the impact and benefits of the initiative.These cases clearly demonstrate that the Irish construction sector is making significant progress in understanding and implementing Lean thinking and practices on capital project delivery as well as for internal operational excellence, adding real value for all project stakeholders and business owners.

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Lean Construction Ireland Annual Book of Cases 2020 Launch