Build Digital ISO 19650 Client Templates – the first supports for CWMF BIM Mandate

Build Digital are pleased to launch #ISO19650 Client Templates in association with the Office of Government Procurement (@OGP). These templates should be considered by public sector clients/employers/sanctioning authorities when planning. Capital Works Management Framework (#CWMF) projects that fall under the CWMF BIM requirements that will come into effect on 01/01/2024. The Templates start to address the client requirements in the ISO 19650 series of standards, and have been created in line with CEN-TR17654-2021” Guideline for the implementation of Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)and BIM Execution Plans (BEP) on European level based on EN ISO 19650-1 and -2”. Aspects of the Client Templates have been used in large public sector mixed-use and infrastructure projects. These projects would have come under the CWMF BIM requirements. The templates are seen as the first iteration; they will be further developed with working examples and for other bands over the rollout of the OGP CWMF BIM requirements. To learn more about the resources that Build Digital made available to the Irish construction and built environment, please click below: