Leadership for Lean Project Delivery

Webinar Title: Leadership for Lean Project Delivery
Speaker: Kevin McHugh
Organisation: Mace Group
Date: 20th May 2020

• Develop partnership model with your client
• Build ownership with team leaders to deliver strategy
• Establish a learning environment & no blame culture
• Collect and share Data to monitor delivery performance (One Plan Approach)
• Use visual aids to present & share information collaboratively
• Integrate digital process
• Use gathered information
• Celebrate success
Take away from the Webinar:
Create a learning environment by
• Visual management to communicate the project status across the project
• Collect information using digital last planner system
• Highlight improvements removing project constraints collaboratively
• Measure production performance and share PPC to improve production planning (celebrate success)
• Identify and share project improvements


Presentation Slides Here

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