February 23rd: Digitalisation of Systems and Processes


Sinead Savage – Associate Director – Mannings Construction Group & Breda Corrigan – Chief Information Officer – Mannings Construction Group


Dr Derek Sinnott – Director – Lean Construction Ireland
In April 2020, as the Covid-19 Global Pandemic was reaping havoc across the world, and the construction industry was beginning to experience the impact of nationwide lockdowns resulting in the shut-down of many construction projects. Mannings Construction Group made a conscious decision to use the ‘down-time’ to implement a new ‘Lean way of thinking’. The initial steps in adopting the principles of Lean Construction, involved introducing staff to the concept of Lean. Further training followed, including Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt training for staff in all regions. Following completion of projects in Ireland and the UK, ‘Lessons Learned’ workshops were scheduled with mandatory attendance for all team members. An external consultant with experience in Lean construction was appointed to chair the workshops and improvements were implemented company wide. The next step in the Lean journey included organising Last Planner Workshops in advance of new projects commencing onsite. The site management teams were instrumental in achieving maximum ‘buy-in’ and commitment from the supply chain and Mannings provided further Lean training for all attendees. In March 2021, the company created a new role of Chief Information Officer to manage the digitisation of the business. This was a crucial step in eliminating waste and maximising efficiencies, and provided an opportunity for the company to fully benefit from the technologies it had invested in. The creation of this role was a key element in the rapid transformation that followed over the next 12 months.