Putting the Spotlight on Quality

Webinar Title: Putting the spotlight on quality.
Speaker: Peter E.D Love
Organisation: Curtin University
Date: 22nd January 2020

A symbiotic relationship exists between quality and safety. In construction, however, there has been a tendency for organizations to frame these competing demands in either/or terms. During construction, preference is often given to safety, which has resulted in fewer resources being used to manage quality. As result, the likelihood of non-conformances (NCRs) and engineering failures increases.

Rework is required to ensure the NCRs and failures conform to functional to specification and standards. Yet, it is during the process of undertaking rework that most safety incidents materialize.

In this webinar, Professor Love aims to address the following question: “How can construction organizations improve quality in their projects and mitigate the risk of defects, engineering failures and rework?”


Presentation Slides Here

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