LCi Book of Cases 2019

Pictured above: Richard Fitzpatrick (Chair – LCi), Breda O’Toole (IDA Ireland) & Darrin Taylor (WIT) at the launch of Lean Construction Ireland 2019 Book of Cases in Dublin on the 2nd October.

Wednesday the 2nd October the second annual Lean Construction Ireland Book of Cases was launched in Dublin at  Philip Lee Solicitors Office, 7/8 Wilton Terrace. The new annual LCi Book of Cases will provide examples from across the Irish Construction sector where organisations and companies, both public and private, have delivered real tangible value and benefits by adopting Lean thinking and practices as part of the project delivery process.

Each Case within the LCi Book describes the project where Lean was adopted, the challenge or opportunity that led to Lean thinking and practice being implemented, and describes how this has resulted in successful outcomes and value for all stakeholders.

This Book will be a hugely valuable resource and reference for the Irish Construction sector providing detailed practical examples of Lean being implemented on capital projects within the sector, highlight those companies and organisations that are adopting Lean, as well as being a reference for individuals within the sector seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of Lean.

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