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Lean is

Lean has been described in various ways, and there is no universally accepted definition. This PowerPoint provides an overview of what Lean is, and then describes what Lean Construction is. Click here to read more


5 Principles

Lean is generally viewed as being a principles-based process improvement methodology. The 5 Principles were developed by global thought leaders in Lean, James Womack and Daniel Jones (Womack & Jones, 1996), arising from their research of the Toyota Motor Corporation. This PowerPoint describes these 5 Principles of Lean which are now applied by organisations in all sectors around the world. Click here to read more



The issue of “value” is at the heart of what Lean is all about –delivering value to the customer based on what the customer defines as value. This PowerPoint examines Value and the Customer. Click here to read more


8 Wastes

The ‘godfather’ of the Toyota Production System (TPS) is Taiichi Ohno, and one of Ohno’s great contributions was the identification of what are termed the “7 Wastes of Lean”. Separately others later added an 8th waste which referred to ‘wasted’ people/skills/talent. This PowerPoint details the 8 Wastes of Lean. Click here to read more



DMAIC is a quality tool and the acronym refers to Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control. This Powerpoint details the DMAIC approach and its role in Six Sigma improvement projects. Click Here to read more





Lean Construction Starter Pack

This document is a very useful guide to the basics of Lean and Lean Construction, and pulls together some of the information in the Concepts section. You can click on the PDF flipbook opposite to read online, or you can download the file. Click here to read more


Lean Health Check

This Lean Healthcheck is a survey for staff to complete to highlight opportunities on projects where the 7 wastes could be reduced. To capture the most accurate data a broad range of roles in the company should be surveyed and it should be completed anonymously. By rating each “waste driver” a chart is automatically produced on the first tab which can be used to compare the Lean status across different projects and also to track progress in waste reduction. Click on the file on the right to download. Click here to read more

Lean Assessment Tool

This tool is based on a tool developed by Intel Inc. in the USA, and now shared freely with the Lean Construction Ireland Community. It is designed to help those in the supply chain self-evaluate where they are on their Lean journeys – as opposed to being used to compare against others in the supply chain. Click on the file opposite to open in another tab or download directly.. Click here to read more

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