“Facilities in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities”

Webinar Title: “Facilities in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities”
Speaker: Amr Abdel-Azim
Organisation: Michigan State University
Date: 3.00pm, 26th August 2020.

On higher education campuses, we have changed the way we deliver education. The relationship between an instructor and students; student interaction in a classroom, meaning and use of a library; new education initiatives, lean approach in planning, designing and construction of new facilities; all have changed. The recent events of the pandemic with switching to virtual learning has even put more pressure on existing facilities in campuses. Planning and designing of facilities on a campus will have to tailor to changes and needs. This is all happening at a time when available funding from national and local government is dwindling down. This session will address the changes in facilities to deliver education on a higher education campus and opportunities in funding projects on campuses.

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