Cultural Challenges of LPD

Webinar Title: Cultural Challenges of Implementation of LPD
Speaker: Alan Mossman
Organisation: The Change Business
Date: 29th April 2020

LPD, Lean Project Delivery, is very different from the traditional way of delivering projects. LPD involves a different way of thinking, a different approach to procurement, high levels of collaboration, engaging the team in a way that makes them “advocates for the project”.
Our industry has a choice. Become way, way more efficient so that customers receive the project safely, on-time or sooner, at or below budget, with the full scope — or customers will find others to create the facilities that they need to deliver their business plans, political goals or build, refurbish or alter their homes. It is that simple.
Switching to LPD involves the whole supply chain from customers to painters and landscape gardeners.
Our industry has been in crisis for years. Late delivery, exceeding the customer’s budget, killing and maiming people, poor quality (defects and punch lists), rework that the customer ends up paying for. Construction productivity is lower than it was in the mid-60s. Even before Corvid-19 there was a skill shortage in our industry.
Even though the crisis has been recognised for decades most people in construction appear to be satisfied with how things are. They know nothing else. The way things are, now fits with what they learned as an apprentice, in college and at university; it fits with how things have been throughout their career in construction.
Tinkering at the margins of the way things are done does not work. Partnering has not worked, casual labour has not worked, Critical Path planning has not worked.

Alan Mossman will talk about:
• full-on LPD
• why it involves a system change
• what customers/clients/owners need to do to appreciate the benefits for them – and for the their supply chain
• what LPD-lite involves and how you and your company can work on company and project culture to support it


Presentation Slides Here

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