Integrated Project Delivery

Webinar Title: Integrated Project Delivery
Speaker: Digby Christian
Organisation: Sutter Health
Date: 26th February 2020

“Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)” is a project delivery system that seeks to align and integrate all project team members’ interests and objectives. Ideally, the team is established during the pre-design phase, with members including the client, architect/engineer, general contractor, and key subcontractors. IPD integrates people, systems, business structures, and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimise efficiency through all phases of the project and reduce waste from early design through project handover.

Sutter Health in the USA, has been a pioneer in the adoption of Lean Construction thinking and practice and is a key client/owner in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI USA). IPD is integral to Sutter Health’s capital projects and in this webinar, Digby Christian will provide a general overview of IPD, its benefits and challenges, and share his and Sutter Health’s learnings on its implementation.
This webinar will be particularly relevant and informative for Irish capital project clients/owners and their contractors. Lean Construction Ireland (LCi) is presently exploring the opportunities IPD can offer the Irish public and private client base and wider construction sector.

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Putting the Spotlight on Quality

Webinar Title: Putting the spotlight on quality.
Speaker: Peter E.D Love
Organisation: Curtin University
Date: 22nd January 2020

A symbiotic relationship exists between quality and safety. In construction, however, there has been a tendency for organizations to frame these competing demands in either/or terms. During construction, preference is often given to safety, which has resulted in fewer resources being used to manage quality. As result, the likelihood of non-conformances (NCRs) and engineering failures increases.

Rework is required to ensure the NCRs and failures conform to functional to specification and standards. Yet, it is during the process of undertaking rework that most safety incidents materialize.

In this webinar, Professor Love aims to address the following question: “How can construction organizations improve quality in their projects and mitigate the risk of defects, engineering failures and rework?”


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Target Value Delivery of Construction Projects

Target Value Delivery of Construction Projects

Webinar Title: Target Value Delivery
Speaker: Glenn Ballard
Organisation: University of California Berkeley
Date: 27th November 2019

“Target Value Delivery of Construction Projects” will explain what Target Value Delivery is, how it works, and the benefits it provides. It is meant for everyone who touches or is touched by a built environment project: owners, designers, constructors, users, neighbors….
Target Value Delivery is standard practice in Lean Product Development of automobiles, clocks, and refrigerators. Buildings, highways, and tunnels are different; principally because they must be assembled where they are to be used, and become so large that eventually workers must move through the product rather than have the product moved through fixed workstations. Clear targets and aligned interests are vital necessities in the delivery of such built environment projects, in part because coordination must be achieved through plans, not through layout of interconnecting conveyor systems.

In the webinar, an argument will be made that the natural target for built environment projects is net benefits in use over the life of the constructed asset (building, highway, tunnel, etc.). This is the primary target from which supporting targets are set; e.g., for functionality, cost, and delivery date. Steering to those targets differs in design, construction and use of the constructed asset–and will be explained in the webinar.

One example of Target Value Delivery benefits: In 2012, Sutter Health reported that they had used Target Value Delivery and supporting Lean methods on 22 projects above $10 million, some much larger. No projects were over budget, no projects were completed late, all buildings (in their case) were fit for purpose, and the average cost was 3.4% below target and 15% below market. That persuaded Sutter Health to commit their capital program to Lean Project Delivery, of which Target Value Delivery is a key element.


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The 5S’s deliver more value with less waste

Webinar Title: The 5S’s – deliver more value with less waste
Speaker: Denis Soward
Organisation: Quality Support Services
Date: 30th October 2019

Everywhere in construction, workers are constantly doing treasuring hunting. They are looking for tools, material, information, etc. What they are not doing,while looking, is value added work.

The 5S’s is a simple Lean tool that minimizes treasure hunts, allowing more time to deliver value. This webinar will share keen insights, project examples, best practices and visual ideas for starting and sustaining the 5S’s in your shop, office and on the job sites.


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Quality Matters

Webinar Title: Quality Matters
Speaker: Paul Nash
Organisation: Paul Nash Consultancy
Date: 25th September 2019


It is estimated that poor quality is costing the construction industry annually more than the combined profits of the companies in the industry andresearch by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) suggested that quality management could save the industry between £7bn and £12bn.

The events that have focused attention on the failure of the construction industry to consistently deliver the required levels of quality in the buildings that we create are well known, but the underlying causes of these failures is something that we are only now beginning to understand.

The Chartered Institute of Building [CIOB] has been investigating the issue of quality in the construction industry and what needs to be done to improve it.

Paul Nash MSc FCIOB, Past President and Chair of the CIOB’s Construction Quality Commission, will share the findings of that investigation and talk about the steps that the CIOB is taking to promote best practice and raise standards of quality management in the construction industry.

Paul is also a member of the Industry Safety Strategy Group chaired by Dame Judith Hackitt that is providing strategic oversight of the Government’s Building Safety Programme following the Grenfell Tower fire and will talk about the recommendations of the ‘Building a Safer Future’ report and what it means for our industry.

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Webinar Title: LEAN BIM (Building Information Modelling)
Speaker: Ralph Montague
Organisation: ArcDox BIM Consultants
Date: 28th August 2019

This is a follow-on webinar to the previous LCI “Introduction to BIM & Lean” webinar – we recommend that attendees first review this, if they need an introduction to BIM.

Good Information (timely, accurate, relevant) is critical to Lean Construction, and BIM (Building Information Modelling) helps to provide “good information”. But, there is a difficult, and wasteful, way to do BIM, and an easier, less wasteful, or LEAN way, to deliver BIM. This webinar will look at the incentives and principles, to approach BIM in a LEAN way, to deliver better outcomes and more value for projects.
Ralph Montague, is an architect, and director at ArcDox, Ireland’s leading BIM consultancy practice.

For over 10 years, ArcDox have provided advisory, production, training and support services to projects, companies and individuals, to enable and support BIM. Ralph Montague has served on the National BIM Council of Ireland, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) BIM Committee, the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) BIM Working Group, and is a current board member of the Construction IT Alliance (CITA).

He is also the current chair of the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Technical Mirror Committee for BIM, and a part-time lecturer on the Trinity College Dublin post-graduate diploma in project management.

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Willie Power (DPS) & Darrin Taylor (WIT) published at the IGLC 2019 international conference

Willie Power (DPS) & Darrin Taylor (WIT) were today published at the IGLC 2019 international conference.

The paper title was “Last Planner® System and Planned Percent complete: An examination of individual trade performances.

IGLC 2019

Ardmac – Our Lean Story so Far

Webinar Title: Ardmac – Our Lean Story so Far
Speaker: Fergus Nugent
Organisation: Ardmac
Date: 20th June 2019

An overview of how Ardmac have applied Lean Construction Principles throughout the company. The presentation will focus on how technology has been implemented to support this Lean Transformation.

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ISO 18404 as a Lean Construction Transformation Model

Webinar Title:  ISO 18404 as a Lean Construction Transformation Model
Speaker:  Steve Ward & Simon Caklais
Organisation:  WSP Continuous Improvement Services & Gilbert and Goode
Date:  27th March 2019

The philosophy of Lean Construction, and its Tools & Techniques are now well known. However adoption by the industry has been slow and on an ad hoc basis. The sector still fails to keep up with other sectors rates of improvement. In 2018 the first construction company in the world achieved the international lean standard ISO18404.

This webinar presents this case study and explains why ISO18404 provides a useful model for any business that is serious about lean transformation as opposed to ad hoc deployment of tools.

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