Integrated Project Delivery

Webinar Title: Integrated Project Delivery
Speaker: Digby Christian
Organisation: Sutter Health
Date: 26th February 2020

“Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)” is a project delivery system that seeks to align and integrate all project team members’ interests and objectives. Ideally, the team is established during the pre-design phase, with members including the client, architect/engineer, general contractor, and key subcontractors. IPD integrates people, systems, business structures, and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimise efficiency through all phases of the project and reduce waste from early design through project handover.

Sutter Health in the USA, has been a pioneer in the adoption of Lean Construction thinking and practice and is a key client/owner in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI USA). IPD is integral to Sutter Health’s capital projects and in this webinar, Digby Christian will provide a general overview of IPD, its benefits and challenges, and share his and Sutter Health’s learnings on its implementation.
This webinar will be particularly relevant and informative for Irish capital project clients/owners and their contractors. Lean Construction Ireland (LCi) is presently exploring the opportunities IPD can offer the Irish public and private client base and wider construction sector.

Presentation Slides Here

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