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Welcome to the Lean Construction Service Providers area.

Here you will find a directory of LCi Commended Lean Construction Service Providers. These Providers are listed in one of two ways:

  1. Lean Consultants/Trainers offering private training and consultancy services to construction companies seeking to adopt and implement Lean thinking and practices.
  2. Higher Education Institutions offering formal higher education programme offerings that include Lean.

If you are a Lean Consultant/Trainer wishing to submit an application for LCi Commendation, please click here.

Additionally, you will also find a helpful list of LCi Commended Lean Construction Capabilities with accompanying descriptors on each capability plus recommended reading or links for each capability.

Embodying the key principles of respect for people and collaboration, LCi convened a Lean Service Provider Work Group comprising five Lean consultants to collaborate on co-developing a list of relevant and appropriate Lean Construction Capabilities that encompassed the critical capabilities that a Lean Construction consultant/trainer would be required to have in order to attain LCi Commendation, plus they developed simple descriptors for each capability on the list.

Maria Ryan    

Crystal Lean Solutions                     [Click here for more details]


Seán McCarthy                                  

Cluain                                                [Click here for more details]


Declan Holahan                                

Lean Touch Solutions                       [Click here for more details]


Declan Higgins                                  

LBS Partners                                     [Click here for more details]


Greg Moran                                        

Harmona                                            [Click here for more details]


In their own words these Lean consultants note that:

As part of the LCi consultant’s forum, a collaborative sub-group was initiated in November 2017, including Maria Ryan (Crystal Lean Solutions), Seán McCarthy (Cluain), Declan Holahan (Lean Touch Solutions), Declan Higgins (LBS Partners), and Greg Moran (Harmona). The objective of this team was to refine the initial list of Lean Construction capabilities on the LCi website in October 2017. Through team meetings, both in person and virtual, the team delivered the following, which is reflected in the website here:

  1. refined the list of capabilities from 27 to 18 to meet construction sector requirements;
  2. developed brief and focused descriptions of each capability;
  3. identified further reading/links for each capability;
  4. developed a graphical summary with more frequent application of capabilities across the construction value stream.

Lean Construction Capabilities

LCi Commended Lean Construction Capabilities - Trainers/Consultants

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Lean Construction Capabilities

LCi Commended Lean Construction Capabilities - Trainers/Consultants

Directory of Service

LCi Commended Lean Service Providers - Trainers/Consultants

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Directory of Service Providers

LCi Commended Lean Construction Capabilities - Trainers/Consultants

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