LCi Lean Pass Course

Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to provide participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean and Lean in Construction, and to enable construction personnel speak the same Lean language onsite and in the office.

Course Learning

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the benefits of Lean in Construction
  2. Define the difference between Value and Waste
  3. Identify and reduce the 8 Types of Waste
  4. Give personal examples of Productive Work and Waste
  5. Give personal examples and suggestions of how to improve their own working environment using the 5S methodology

Duration: 3 hours

Target Audience: Everyone in the Construction Sector

Delivery: The Course is delivered by Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers

Certification: Participants will receive an LCi Certificate of Course Completion

Course Outline:

Section 1

  • Introduction to Lean Thinking
  • Why Lean? Why Now?
    • Case Studies highlighting the benefits of Lean in Construction

Section 2

  • Introduction to Customer Value and Eyes for Waste (8 Types of Waste)
    • Case Studies identifying Value and the 8 Wastes
  • Direct Observation: How to identify Productive work and Waste activity

Section 3

  • 5S Methodology: Organising the workplace for Waste Reduction and Safety using 5S methodology

Section 4

  • Respect for People
  • Continuous Improvement

Section 5

  • Lean resources available
  • Summary and Close

To view the Directory of Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers click here 

Application Process for Status of Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainer

The LCi Lean Pass Course may only be delivered by:

  1. LCi Approved Internal Organisational Trainers:
    • Nominated individuals within LCi Corporate Member Sector Organisations
  2. LCi Approved External Trainers:
    • Nominated individuals within LCi Commended Lean Service Providers

To Proceed:

Key Information:

Course Costs
  • Zero revenue to LCi.
  • Zero charges for the application and approval process.
  • External Trainer costs are a matter for the Organisation and its external Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainer.
Course Materials
  • Owned by LCi and supplied to Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers.
  • Cannot be added to nor amended other than by LCi.
Similar Courses & Prior Training
  • LCi has a process to commend similar Introductory Lean Construction training courses developed/undertaken by Corporate Members of LCi.
  • Upon commendation, participants from those courses can be retrospectively given LCi Certificates of Course Completion by the Approved Trainer.
Application Process
  • Apply for status of Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainer.
  • Application documents: CV + Letter of Nomination.
  • Applications reviewed by the LCi Capability Development Evaluation Panel.
  • Email application and documents to
Approved Trainer Status
  • Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainer status is assigned to an approved individual from 1 and 2 above – not to a company.
  • LCi will manage and maintain a Register of Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers.
  • LCi will manage a Register of LCi Lean Pass Course Participants that is maintained by the Approved LCi Lean Pass Trainers.

All Enquiries for the LCi Lean Pass Course to

LCi Lean Pass Course Development Team

Project Lead:

Maria Ryan

Maria Ryan

Managing Director

Crystal Lean Solutions

Project Team:

Ray Curley

Ray Curley

Plant Manager

Jones Engineering Group

Simon Watson

Simon Watson

Team Development

Jones Engineering Group

Joe O'Sullivan

Joe O'Sullivan

Regional Director

John Sisk & Son

William Power

William Power

Productivity & Performance Manager

DPS Group(Cork Operations)

Richard Casey

Richard Casey

European Operations Director, Advanced Technology Group, DPS Group

Chris Dawkins

Chris Dawkins

Lean Consultant

Crystal Lean Solutions

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