Construction Client Forum

Construction Client Forum (CCF)

The Construction Client Forum (CCF) is the Lean Construction Ireland Community forum for public and private client organisations  to meet and discuss important issues, developments, opportunities, and so on.

The most important role of the CCF is to ensure the ultimate voice of customer (VOC) is heard by the AEC supply chain and by the education and training providers. Specifically these clients identify Value and set the Demand for Lean Construction on capital projects.

The CCF engages with its sister fora, namely the Architecture Engineering Construction Forum (AECF) and the Construction Academia Forum (CAF), to facilitate joined-up thinking on matters of shared interest and to ensure collective and collaborative advancement of Lean Construction in Ireland.

CCF representatives play a crucial role on the Lean Construction Ireland Leadership Group; they ensure that the CCF plays its part in fulfilling on the vision and objectives; and they ensure that ideas and issues from the CCF feed into the Leadership Group’s strategic planning, and likewise that ideas and issues from the Leadership Group feed into the CCF.

CCF representatives are also members of various Lean Construction Ireland Sub-Committees working and delivering on specific pillars and projects.

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